New Beginnings Cat Rescue (NBCR) relies heavily on foster families to open their homes to our cats and kittens awaiting adoption. Thus we have a continual need for caring and compassionate foster families.

If you are interested in sharing your home to one or more of our cats in need, please download, complete, and submit our Volunteer Application. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to our Intake Coordinator.

Foster Family Responsibilities

PawProvide safe, clean, air conditioned/heated, indoor environment.

PawFeed high-quality, age appropriate food and provide fresh water daily.

PawTrim cat�s nails regularly and train to use scratching posts.

PawProvide transportation to and from adoption center on Saturday and Sundays when scheduled, and to vet when necessary.

PawProvide transportation to and from the Adoption Center or veterinarian as needed.

PawKeep all foster cats and kittens indoors at all times.

PawFoster for only one rescue group at a time.

PawCommunicate with NBCR via email regarding the care or health condition of cats and kittens in foster care.

PawProvide love, attention, and interactivity to prepare them for a successful adoption.

NBCR Responsibilities.

PawProvide support and answer questions.

PawArrange veterinary care including but not limited to spay/neuter surgery, age appropriate vaccinations, test for FIV & Feline Leukemia, deworming and defleaing.

PawProvide food and litter upon request.

Time Required

The fostering time commitment can range from a few weeks to a few months depending on the cat�s age, health, socialization and situation. Foster families are needed for a variety of situations. A few examples are below:

PawFoster cats/kittens may remain in foster care until they meet the following criteria:

PawKittens are not old enough to be fully vetted thus cannot be adopted.

PawCats or kittens need a place to recover from surgery or other illnesses.

PawCats or kittens need a break from the adoption center.

PawThere is space for them at the Adoption Center.

Foster Accommodations

All foster cats must be kept indoors and separate from your pets at all times. A small study, spare room or bathroom is ideal. Confining our foster cats away from your pets is for your safety as well as the pets. Even though our cats have been examined by a vet, tested, vaccinated and treated for any present illnesses or conditions it does not mean they may not have other illnesses/conditions that have not presented themselves. There are not adequate tests for every condition. It is always wise to wash your hands after handling your foster cat/kittens and petting your own pets. Your pets should be spay/neutered and current on all vaccinations for their own protection. NBCR is not legally or financially able to provide medications or treatment for any cats or kittens except those belonging to NBCR.

Adoption Facilitation

Foster volunteers are our best source of information about the cats/kittens in their care. As a foster parent, your observations and feedback about your foster cat/kitten will help ensure your foster cat is a good match for the adopter and vice versa. We discourage foster parents from adopting their foster cat/kitten in most situations. When a foster family adopts their foster cat/kitten that usually means they will not continue to foster which limits the number of cats we can rescue. For every cat that a foster allows to be adopted out another one is saved therefore you are saving many lives instead of just one. If you know someone who would like to adopt one of your foster cats or kittens, the prospective adopter must go through the routine adoption process.

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